A Pylogen senior developer was part of the team responsible for data migration from a previous system to a new version.

A Pylogen senior developer is part of the team that performs Data Integrity analysis on the billing system for MTN.

Begin Africa
Pylogen senior developer served as a consultant to a Bigen Africa project, serving as a backup solution should the current developers fail.


Stadium Fast Food
Includes planning for an online ordering solution.

Pylogen is responsible for business analysis, planning and implementing an auction, FICA and stock management solution.

OFS Smart Repairs
Pylogen performed business analysis and planning for an automation solution.

Pylogen performed business analysis and was contracted to plan an office automation solution for Hestony transport.

Pylogen performed business analysis and planning for an office automation solution.

Pylogen planned and implemented a water stock control solution for AquaVictus, part of RO3oasis.

WebiCourses included planning and implementation of an online video training platform which included a payment gateway.

Pylogen performed planning, implementation and maintenance for a system that manages reps and telesales for companies.

Gateway Portals
Pylogen planned and developed an online gateway portal for vehicle financing.

Flow Coach
Pylogen planed and implemented a system for life coaches to manage their sessions and financing.

Pylogen did planning and implemented an electronic document sign solution for the HR department at GWK.

Kenru Fire
Included planning and implementation of a system to manage tracking of equipment using barcodes.