in the IT industry

The importance of consultation in the IT industry

Development has become an expensive task. Failure to complete a project within budget and time constraints can have dire consequences.

It often happens that a development company has become too entangled in their project or simply does not have the experience and skills to solve problems requiring a bit of "outside the box" thinking. A solution to this is to bring in a consultant that has the capability to look at your problems objectively and provide solutions that closes those furstrating gaps prohibiting a project from continuing fluently.

With more than 30 years of combined development, planning and consultation experience, our consultant performs the following activities:

  1. Business Analysis

    The first step is to dig into the essence of the company and the problems. A developer can not provide the optimum solution if he doesn't understand the problem fully. See a business analyst as being a chameleon, he is required to meld into your company, understand how you do things, understand the frustrations, but most of all experience the frustrations. Once we experience the frustration we automatically search for the best solution to negate those gaps.

  2. Planning

    There are countless development methodologies out there. One thing that is included in all of them regardless of where in the process is planning. Developers thinkg about a problem and its solutions differently than the client. Planning ensures that the messages transferred from client to developer is clear and to the point. This prevents development from flowing into the wrong direction.

  3. Monitor

    Once developers entrenches themselves in their work they ofter forget to evaluate and adapt to changes. As consultants we ensure that deadlines and goals are realistic and reachable. We monitor progress on a continous basis and identify possible danger areas the moment they surface.

  4. Quality Control

    Clients often do not have the capability to quality check code, deliverables and specifciations. Pylogen can ensure that the deliverables of developers are up to standard, code is efficient, maintainable and documented properly. We investigate proposed solutions to ensure that they meet the requirements of the client and that they are the best available solution.

Why get a consultant?

Technical Jargon

You might not understand everything a developer says, we do and can ensure the validity of proposals or solutions.

Struggling Projects

There is always a road to get to the end. If a project is struggling to progress, we can identify the problem.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to business-critical solutions there are little room for error. An objective eye can ensure quality is top-notch.


In the heat of things our focus is often diverted to the wrong topic. As consultants we ensure that the focus remains on the things that is important at that specific time.

External Planning

We can provide the guidance, direction and planning services in order to allow the developers to focus on what they do best: develop.

Monitor Progress

We understand development deadlines and goals and can identify potential problems when monitoring their progress.